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Our service advantages

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  1. Formulation advantage

  According to your needs and ideas, we can provide you with rubber stoppers for research and development of new drugs free of charge, and conduct joint research to help you choose the optimal formula and reduce the overall cost. It can also assist you with stability and compatibility tests to help you launch new products.



  2. Product advantages

  Ultra-pure rubber stopper



  Ultra-pure rubber stopper is produced by ExxonMobil Chemical's high-purity butyl rubber. Compared with halogenated butyl rubber, it has better compatibility with medicines; it can also significantly improve cleanliness; at the same time, it has excellent puncture and chip removal performance. As for the film-coated rubber stopper, there are no problems of film-coated stopper and heat source, and it also solves the complex and high cost of manufacturing the film-coated bottle stopper. Therefore, the ultra-pure rubber stopper is considered to be an ideal packaging material for high-end sensitive drugs.

  Prefilled Products



  A typical prefilled syringe system consists of a drug, a syringe barrel, an elastomeric plunger, a needle guard or cone guard, and a push rod. Common fill volumes are 0.5mL to 5mL. Our rubber products for prefilled syringes have been mass-produced, including bromobutyl pistons and needle guards for prefilled syringes, and we also provide customized product production services.


  Our company can achieve different degrees of curing and spraying according to your requirements, which can not only reduce the number of particles to a large extent, but also ensure smooth running of the machine to meet your different product needs.

  3. Technical advantages

  Rubber One is known as the "Huangpu Military Academy" in the rubber industry, and it is the only training base for rubber stopper training authorized and certified by China's pharmaceutical packaging materials. Rubber One Training Base can provide you with free rubber stopper knowledge training.

  Rubber One has more than 60 professional and technical personnel, research and development and technical personnel engaged in the research and development, technical management, technical service, quality assurance, product inspection of medicinal rubber stoppers for more than 30 years. Can provide you with free technical advice.


Xu Shilun, male, born in September 1963. Graduated from South China Institute of Technology in 1984, majoring in polymer chemical engineering, with a bachelor's degree. Senior engineer. He is currently the deputy general manager, chief engineer, and rubber stopper training course teacher of Hebei Rubber One Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd., and the lead maker of the China Pharmaceutical Packaging Association Standard - Standard for Synthetic Polyisobutylene Rubber for Medicinal Rubber Stoppers.


  He has been engaged in scientific research and technical quality management of medicinal rubber stoppers for many years. He has organized and mainly participated in the completion of a number of provincial and ministerial scientific research projects, and won the scientific and technological progress award. These projects include: bromobutyl antibiotic stopper, butyl rubber stopper for lyophilized preparations, rubber stopper for plastic infusion bottles, butyl rubber stopper for vacuum blood collection device, automatic rubber mixing system for medicinal rubber stopper production line, medicinal Rubber stopper production line cold feed extrusion semi-finished product manufacturing system.

  He was commended by China Pharmaceutical Packaging Association in 2000 and 2009 for his outstanding contributions to the development of China's pharmaceutical packaging industry.

  If you have any technical questions, you can contact our chief engineer. Aruba is willing to make progress and develop together with the majority of pharmaceutical companies.


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