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Supply to almost 900 domestic pharmaceutical and medical companies, build long cooperate relationship with almost 400 domestic clients. Export to America, Europe, Japan, Korea more than 30 countries.

First Rubber is not only a supplier of rubber stopper products but also a professional problem solver.  

Domestic: We have very good market in China with over 55 years development

Overseas: We start our international market since 2014, we export to USA, France,Germany, Ireland, South Korea, Japan, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, S.A., Jordan, Geogria, UAE and so on, more than 20 countries now. 


List of Major Cooperation for Rubber Stoppers

OEM Rubber Stoppers


While meeting the needs of Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Group, First Rubber also provides a configuration plan for personalized rubber stoppers. Different special-shaped rubber stoppers can be selected according to needs. This greatly reduces its packaging costs.

Bromobutyl Rubber Stoppers for Sterile Powder Injection


HPGC is a state-controlled Sino-foreign equity joint venture. It is composed of domestically famous pharmaceutical companies like HPGC General Factory, HPGC Sanjing, HPGC Sixth Factory, HPGC Chinese Medicine, etc. First Rubber supply Bromobutyl Rubber Stoppers for Sterile Powder Injection for them.

Rubber Stoppers and Rubber Discs


Kelun is a highly specialized innovative pharmaceutical group with annual sales revenue over 40 billion RMB, including more than 100 enterprises at home and abroad, Sichuan Kelun Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd; Rubber Stoppers and Rubber Discs from First Rubber are used to most of their medicals.

Bromobutyl Lyophilization Rubber Stoppers


Shandong Lukang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. found in 1966, is a state-owned large-scale pharmaceutical enterprise, which was listed on the main board in 1997. By far, the company has a total asset of RMB 6.6 billion and more than 6,000 employees. First Rubber supply Bromobutyl Lyophilization Rubber Stoppers for them for decades.

Various Rubber Stoppers


Established in 1996, North China Pharmaceutical Group Aino Co., Ltd is one of the largest manufacturer of green bio-pesticide and veterinary materials. The plant is located in the Economic and Technical Development zone, Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province, P.R. China. First Rubber are providing Various Rubber Stoppers to them.

Perfect Solution for Rubber Stoppers


Shijiazhuang No. 4 Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., has a business history of seventy years. The company principally specializes in R & D, manufacture and sales of wide types of drugs mainly including intravenous infusion. First Rubber always provide perfect solutions to them for rubber stoppers.

Medical Use Rubber Products


Sinopharm is a large healthcare group directly under the SASAC of the State Council, with a full chain in the industry covering R&D, manufacturing, logistics and distribution, retail chains, healthcare, engineering services, exhibitions and conferences, international business and financial services.

Medical Rubber Stoppers


Taiji Group Co., Ltd. has been listed in the top 500 Chinese enterprises for more than ten years. It has 13 pharmaceutical factories, 10,000 pharmacies and two research institutes. It is a large enterprise group which integrates pharmaceutical R & D, industrial production, pharmaceutical commerce and general health industry.

Rubber Stoppers for Injections


Youcare Pharmaceutical Group in 2001 formally incorporated in Beijing, is a drug research and development, pharmaceutical manufacturing, distribution and sales and foreign trade as one of the private pharmaceutical enterprise group. 

OEM Medical Rubber Stoppers


CSPC Pharmaceutical Group Limited ("CSPC") (Stock code: 1093.HK) is a leading pharmaceutical group in China. The Company has been listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange since 1994 and became a constituent stock of the Hang Sang Index in 2018 (the 1st constituent stock in the pharmaceutical sector since launch of the index).


List of Major Cooperation for Conveyor Belt and Rubber Spares of Slurry Pump 

Shijiazhuang Kingda Pump Group Co., Ltd.

Shougang Group Co., Ltd. Mining Company

Tiangang Steel Group.

JM QuanEn High-Tech Piping Co., Ltd.

Hebei Purun Pump Co., Ltd.

Xinyu Iron and Steel Co., Ltd

Benxi Beiying iron and steel (Group) Co., Ltd

Xiangtan Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd

Shuicheng Iron and steel (Group) Co., Ltd

Anyang Iron and Steel Co., Ltd

Baoshan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd

Anyang Iron and Steel Group Shuiye iron and Steel Co., Ltd

Lianyuan Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd

Tiantie Metallurgical Group

Baosteel Group Xinjiang Bayi Iron and Steel Co., Ltd

Capital Iron and Steel Group Corporation

Tangshan Guofeng iron and Steel Co., Ltd

Handan Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd

Tangshan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd

Hebei Xinjin iron and Steel Co., Ltd

Shijiazhuang Iron and Steel Co., Ltd

Xuanhua Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd

Taiyuan Iron and steel (Group) Co., Ltd

Sichuan Panzhihua Xingang vanadium Co., Ltd

Guangdong Shaoguan Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd

Angang Group Co., Ltd

Liuzhou Iron and Steel Co., Ltd

Hebei Jingye group Jingye material procurement Co., Ltd

Xingtai Jingniu Glass Co., Ltd

Shaanxi Tenglong coal power group Shenmu Anyuan chemical

Jinan Taiyou glass products Co., Ltd

China Yaohua Glass Group Corporation

Liaoning Nanpiao Coal Power Co., Ltd

Shijiazhuang Liangcun Thermal Power Co., Ltd

Yichang Yihua Pacific Thermal Power Co., Ltd

Henan Dengfeng Xiangyang Electric Power Co., Ltd

Wuhan Huaneng Power Plant

Henan Zhengzhou thermal power plant

Hubei Hanchuan Power Plant

China Resources Tianneng Xuzhou Coal Power Co., Ltd

Shijiazhuang Huadian heating group

Tangshan Sanyou Chemical Co., Ltd

Hebi Fenghe Power Generation Co., Ltd

Zhengzhou Xinli Electric Power Co., Ltd

Xinjiang coking coal (Group) Co., Ltd

Shandong Luneng Material Group Co., Ltd. Hequ branch

Heilongjiang Longmei Mining Group Co., Ltd

Datong Coal Mine Group Co., Ltd

Kailuan Clean Coal Co., Ltd

Hehong coal mine, Zhuyuan Town, Fuyuan County

Shanxi Yitang Coal Industry Co., Ltd

Dahuashu coal mine, LAOCHANG Township, Fuyuan County

Shanxi Jinye Coal Coking Group Gujiao Co., Ltd

Jiangsu Tianneng Group Co., Ltd

Shanxi Datuhe Coking Co., Ltd

Shanxi Qinxin coal coke Co., Ltd

Shanxi Zuoquan Henglong Coal Industry Co., Ltd

Shuozhou Dadonggou coal mine

Wusu Sikeshu Coal Co., Ltd

Shiyawan coal mine, Pinglu District, Shuozhou City

Hunchun Jinshan Mining Co., Ltd

Yima Coal Industry Group Co., Ltd

Inner Mongolia Pingzhuang Energy Co., Ltd

Liupanshui Hengding Industrial Co., Ltd

Inner Mongolia Qinghua Group Qinghua Coal Chemical Co., Ltd

Xiaoyi Ronggang coal coke Co., Ltd

Liaoning jiudaoling Coal Industry Co., Ltd

Anhui pearl Cement Group Co., Ltd

Beipiao Coal Industry Co., Ltd

Hubei chemical fertilizer branch of Sinopec Company

Inner Mongolia Qinghua Group Clean Coal Co., Ltd

Guizhou Xianghui Huatong Investment Co., Ltd

Pingdingshan Coal Industry (Group) Co., Ltd

Shanxi Jindi coal coke Co., Ltd

Hegang Jianshun No. 1 coal mine

Chongqing Energy Investment Group Materials Co., Ltd

Hegang Dongfanghong coal mine

Sichuan Coal Industry Group Co., Ltd

Fengfeng Mining Bureau

Shanxi Lu'an Mining Group cilinshan Coal Industry Co., Ltd

Handan Mining Bureau

Jimei group

Xingtai Mining Bureau

Shaanxi Tongchuan Mining Bureau

Anshun Xixiu huagulin Coal Mine Co., Ltd

Shitiyan coal mine, Shawan District, Leshan City




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